Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays

Sorin Draghici

Publisher: Chapman & Hall /CRC Press

ISBN: 1584883154

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Readers Opinion


``I've adopted your book for my biostatistics course'' - Stephen P. Baker, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester , MA .

``My copy arrived from Amazon on Friday and the folks in my lab wouldn't even let me take it home for the weekend!! Thanks for such a nice contribution.'' - Richard Bookman, Associate Dean and Director, UM DNA Microarray Facility,  Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University of Miami, FL.

``It looks like it will be an excellent tool for biological scientists with very little  mathematical expertise.  I think it will be extremely helpful for me in microarray data analysis and I congratulate you on putting the effort in to write and produce this book.'' - Roshini Sarah Abraham, Mayo Clinic, Rochester , MN .

``Data Analysis Tools book is excellent. Just what I was looking for. A book about biostats with microarray application. Even understood (so far I have not completed it as yet) by myself a surgeon.'' -   Frank Lloyd , US .

``I just got the book today.  I now have my favorite microarray book, and it is yours. started reading it today and could not put it down.  I have read the first 9 chapters.  I very much appreciated the "simplistic" approach to understanding statistical analysis.  Wow, I actually learned a ton with respect to ANOVA.  I heard allot about it, but did not have a chance to comprehend how does it work.  Sorin, again, absolutely wonderful book, very well written and incredibly easy to follow (so far).'' - Greg Khitrov, Director of Microarray Core, Rockefeller University, NY .

``I first heard you speak at last year's CHI conference on microarrays, and am a regular user of your Onto Express tool. I am very enthusiastic about what you have to say about microarrays, so naturally when I heard about your book, I immediately bought it. I am only about half way through it, but it is exactly the terrific job I expected, so thanks for your excellent work.'' - Eric Blalock, Univ. of Kentucky , KY.

I recently bought your book called 'Data analysis tools for DNA microarrays'.  I think it's one of the most reader (non-statistician) friendly ever.  I couldn't imagine myself understanding those things until now! - Vesarat Wessagowit MD Department of Cell & Molecular Pathology, St John's Institute of Dermatology, St Thomas ' Hospital, Lambeth Palace Rd, London SE1 7EH, UK.


From the Publisher


"Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays builds the foundation in the statistics and data analysis tools needed by biologists and provides the overview of microarrays needed by computer scientists. Describing the most complex data analysis techniques in simple language, this book aims to lower the communication barrier between life scientists and analytical scientists. The book explains complex and sometimes subtle data analysis issues providing the life scientist with the ability to make informed choices in the day-by-day exploratory data analysis. For the analytical scientist, the book explains the most common biological questions and emphasizes specific data analysis issues characteristic of microarray data." The theoretical aspects are complemented by a discussion of several commercial applications with sections exploring various software packages from BioDiscovery, Insightful, SAS, and Spotfire. The book is illustrated with more than 230 figures in full color. The attached CD-ROMs contain full-feature trial versions of leading software for image and data analysis allowing the reader to practice everything explained in the book.

Dr. Sorin Draghici
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