Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays

Sorin Draghici

Publisher: Chapman & Hall /CRC Press

ISBN: 1584883154

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  • Provides the complete mathematical and statistical background needed to analyze microarray data--ideal for biologists with little or no mathematical training

  • Provides a detailed primer on microarrays for computer scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians

  • Presents rigorous descriptions of the relevant algorithms without overwhelming biology-minded readers with too much detail

  • Includes two CD-ROMs containing trial versions of data analysis packages from BioDiscovery and Insightful. More exercises and files for creating transparencies are available from the author to instructors adopting this book for their classes.

    Technology today allows the collection of biological information at an unprecedented level of detail and in increasingly vast quantities. To reap real knowledge from the mountains of data produced, however, requires interdisciplinary skills-a background not only in biology but also in computer science and the tools and techniques of data analysis.

    To help meet the challenges of DNA research, Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays builds the foundation in the statistics and data analysis tools needed by biologists and provides the overview of microarrays needed by computer scientists. It first presents the basics of microarray technology and more importantly, the specific problems the technology poses from the data analysis perspective. It then introduces the fundamentals of statistics and the details of the techniques most commonly used to analyze microarray data. The final chapter focuses on commercial applications with sections exploring various software packages from BioDiscovery, Insightful, SAS, and Spotfire. The book is richly illustrated with more than 230 figures in full color and comes with two CD-ROM containing full-feature trial versions of software for image analysis (ImaGene, BioDiscovery Inc.) and data analysis (GeneSight, BioDiscovery Inc. and S-Plus Array Analyzer, Insightful Inc.).

    Written in simple language and illustrated in full color, Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays lowers the communication barrier between life scientists and analytical scientists. It prepares those charged with analyzing microarray data to make informed choices about the techniques to use in a given situation and contribute to further advances in the field.

Dr. Sorin Draghici
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