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Positions Available in ISBL

Postdoctoral positions in Bioinformatics

Two postdoctoral positions in bioinformatics are available immediately in the Intelligent Systems and Bioinformatics Laboratory (ISBL). A PhD in bioinformatics, computer science, computer engineering or statistics as well as excellent programming skills (C++/Java, OO, web programming) are necessary. PhD graduates from life sciences are also encouranged to apply if they have good programming skills. Experience with statistical data analysis and machine learning techniques is valuable. Previous experience in bioinformatics is preferred but not absolutely necessary. The positions involve working on a number of high profile projects. One of these projects is the Onto-Tools ensemble of databases and data mining tools. These tools have over 800 subscribers from over 50 countries on all 5 continents. The Onto-Tools web site is currently referenced by 15 other specialized web sites world-wide. One of the positions may involve regular travel to and/or extended stay in the Washington, DC area. These positions are supported by NSF funding for the next 5 years. Qualified applicants may be sponsored for an H1B visa if necessary. Minorities and women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions in Artificial Intelligence / Bioinformatics

There are several GRA positions available in the Intelligent Systems and Bioinformatics Laboratory. These offer a very competitive salary (in the range 25-35K), commensurate with the experience and qualifications of the applicants, tuition and benefits. The successful applicant is expected to successfully pursue a graduate degree under the supervision of Dr. Sorin Draghici. Current areas of interest include:

  • machine learning (diagnostics techniques based on protein and gene expression arrays)

  • pathway analysis of high throughput data/construction of biological regulatory networks

  • some semantic web issues (ontologies, RDF, OWL, etc.)

  • applying some linear algebra methods to analyze annotations and gene expression

  • high performance implementations of bioinformatics algorithms and techniques

  • data analysis/data mining of high throughput expression data

  • database design and implementation

The applicants have to be proficient in Java, SQL, OO and database design, common web technologies (Apache, Tomcat, Javascript, Perl), using a CVS repository and sound software engineering practices. Knowledge of RDF, OWL, MPI, and related techniques is desirable but not required. The successful applicants  will undertake research in one or more of the areas above or in a different (but related) area. The ISBL laboratory is a very competitive, high pressure - high reward environment in which hard work is expected, but also rewarded appropriately. The work involves research in one of the areas above, as well as the implementation of the techniques developed in Java, as a web-server application running on the Apache/Tomcat platform.

Our group is best known worldwide for the Onto-Tools, a set of bioinformatics tools currently used by over 3,000 researchers world-wide and for the text book Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarray, currently the Amazon.com best seller in the area of data analysis tools for microarrays (which includes approx. 30 other titles). A number of recent papers from ISBL, as well as more information about our research, can be found at: http://vortex.cs.wayne.edu.

The equipment available in the ISBL lab includes 4 SunFire-class servers (typical 4-8 CPUs, 16-32G memory), a 500G RAID array, two tape units, a cluster with  80 dual core Opteron CPUs and a range of smaller servers, as well as about 10 dual display state-of-the-art workstations.

The applicants must first get admission into the graduate program of the Computer Science department following the standard WSU procedure and channels. All forms and procedures are described on the graduate admission site of the departmental web site.

International students not yet having the GRE or TOEFL are strongly encouraged to apply even before they take these exams. Please express your interest in working in the ISBL lab in your letter of intent which is part of the application package. Once admitted in the graduate program, contact. Dr. Sorin Draghici. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.



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