Onto-Express Troubleshooting

(1) Can you Login? 

YES - Follow step (3)  

NO - Follow step (2).


(2) Do you have a valid user name obtained here

NO - Get a valid user name and password from here.

YES - Restart your browser and try login again. If the problem persists please contact us.


(3) After pressing the button wait for 5 minutes. Do you see a pop-up java security certificate?

NO - Follow step (4)

YES - Follow step (5) or (11).


(4) Do you have proper java plug-ins installed and enabled to use  java applet with your browser?

You can check for java plug-ins here. If you want to install java on your machine, please download jre and follow installation instructions.

YES - Follow step (4)a.

(4)a -If you are behind the firewall, please ask your systems administrator to allow java applets to port 8080 on vortex.cs.wayne.edu


(5) Did you accept the java security certificate by clicking the "yes" button on it?

NO - Please accept the java security certificate by clicking the "yes" button on it. 

YES - Follow step (6) or (11).


(6) Did you attach an input file?

NO - Please attach a valid input file

YES - Follow step (7).


(7) Is the input file in a simple ASCII format?

Input file should be prepared in an ASCII text editor such as notepad on windows platform or gedit, pico or vi  on various UNIX platforms, but not in MS-Word, MS-Excel, Star Office or Open Office that creates a binary file. If your input data is in MS-Word, MS-Excel or in any format other than ".txt", then you can open your input data file, click on "File" at the top left corner, and then select the "Save As" option. A dialog box will open up and you need to change the "Save as type" option to "Text File (*.txt)". This will save your data file to a simple ASCII text format. You can resubmit this ASCII file to Onto-Express.

YES - Follow step (8).


(8) Did you select a proper reference chip (Version 2 users only)?

The identifiers in the input file should be a subset of the identifiers in the reference array file.

If the user cannot find her array in the list, she can select "My own chip". In this case, the user also needs to submit the file that contains the list of all the identifiers on the array in the same format as the input file. 

YES - Follow step (9).

Version 1 users follow step (10).


(9)  Did you select an appropriate probability distribution and method of multiple experiments (Version 2 users only)?

YES - Follow step (10).

Version 1 users follow step (11).


(10) Did you specify the input type?

YES - Follow step (11).

The user selects the input type that the input file contains, by clicking on the appropriate radio button. The input type "Wormbase Accession" should only be used when the organism selected is Caenorhabditis elegans.


(11) Do you need help in understanding the results?

Please follow the links here to understand the results properly.


(12) Are you still unable to troubleshoot?

Please open your java console, copy the messages displayed on it and send us the errors.

Please follow the link here, for how to open java console.


Contact us: If you are unable to Troubleshoot your problem please report your problem after going through this check-list.

Webmaster - ISBL Team

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